Covid 19 Policy

Pitchfork Eatery is committed to serving Nelson with the highest standards of safety. Following are policies we are following:

  • Quarantine: All employees currently working at Pitchfork Eatery are committed to self-quarantine outside of work hours. Employees were selected to work on a basis of who has the lowest risk of contamination.

  • Safe food preparation: Only select employees of Pitchfork Eatery are allowed inside the building to minimize the chance on contamination. Please do not attempt to enter the building or approach employees.

  • Deliver to front door: delivery drivers are dropping food orders at the front door of a given address. A text message will be sent when your order has arrived. Please give our delivery drivers a safe distance.

  • Safe on-foot pickup zone: Store pickup orders are available from the front door, featuring our social-distance waiting patio.

  • Safe drive-by pickup zone: the first carpark behind Pitchfork Eatery is designated as a safe drive-by pickup zone, where you can grab your order through the window of your vehicle. Please call the restaurant from the carpark and we will bring your order to the table.

  • Communication: increased communication and reminders to our members and employees focused on important health and safety measures

  • Adaptability: Closely monitoring the situation and following public health and governmental recommendations regarding travel restrictions, self-quarantining, testing, and overall preventative measures. Being a small business we can adapt day to day.

  • Staff support: Working with staff on a case-by-case basis to address the financial impact of potential time off.

  • Coordination: Communicating with local organizations and businesses to respond in a coordinated manner.

  • Feedback: Please review the list of measures we’re taking. We are hopeful the measures we are taking might reduce the most significant risks. We are very open to all feedback on how we can improve our service our beloved Nelson community.